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Anastasiya's directorial work explores a range of topics, focusing on dark fantasy, folklore, magical realism and the absurd. She is interested in making films that don’t take themselves too seriously, incorporating satire, absurdity and magical realism to delve into the intricacies of human psychology. Her background in visual arts, allows her to weave aesthetics into narratives that explore themes of loneliness, grief and the female experience. 

As a production designer she’s worked on 10+ short films which are currently doing festival rounds. This list of shorts includes: Praeis (premiering at Cannes Film Festival 2024),  Sparare Alle Anguire (shortlisted for BAFTA student awards, Cannes Semaine de la Critique, Berlinale Generations & Venezia Orizzonti) and Saving Art (which recently screened at Slamdance 2024)

She just finished working on her first feature as a Production Designer - a fantasy film titled Assassin’s Guild directed by Stuart Brennan and DPd by Doug Milsome (ASC, BSC).

Anastasiya is a current BAFTA Connect member.

When not designing, Anastasiya loves to explore her passions for illustration, animation and photography. She's previously worked with Sofar Sounds, shot for HitRecord + LG, and worked on merchandise designs for Jack Garratt. 

Film Director and Production Designer. Anastasiya Mykhaylova Film Director

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