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Broken Hearts

Chloe, a regular at the Broken Hearts hospital

and a desperate romantic, is back again after yet

another romantic mishap.

This time, Dr. Love finally agrees to prescribe her a rebound - the love-cynical Charlie, who's here on his first visit.

They must undergo the treatment together,

regardless of their clashing beliefs.

Dir. Julie Magnaudet

Traditionally, hospitals are portrayed as cold with blue and green tones. This one is different. This is a safe space for lonely and heartbroken people to come to. 

We wanted to create a new type of hospital with this film - an inviting, comforting and romantic space to highlight the themes of the story. Hence it was important for us to express that through colour. The space soon turned into a contained cotton-candy atmosphere drenched in pink light.

Shape of furniture also reflected the uses of each space. The doctor's office (above) comprised of rigid angles - strict lines assert dominance and also feel more factual. We wanted the doctor to appear more trustworthy hence the space needed to feel a bit more balanced, symmetrical and clean through the use of hard angles and straight lines. 

Unlike the doctor's office, the intimacy room (bellow) had to be a bit more fluid and messy. This was a space of no furniture and only pillows. It had to be comfortable, inviting and soft. Lit only by the ambient orbs, it was a space meant for intimate conversations - somewhere where you could whisper.

Bellow are some more examples of transformations such as the hospital hallway and the date room.

The Art Team At Work

Production Designer    Anastasiya Mykhaylova
Art Director    Sofia Fomina
Art Assistants    Federico Trezzi,   Rory Baynham,   Cameron Barnes

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