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Sparare Alle Angurie

An anxious young man struggles to accept his vulnerabilities whilst on holiday in an upper-class summer residence in Sardinia with his overtly masculine family.

Dir. Antonio Donato

From concept art to the final image...

We attempted to restrict the colour-palete and make sure that colours that are reflected in the costumes are also present in the background. This would create a sense of uniformity and minimalism in each frame - making the image appear strict and controlled to further highlight themes of toxic masculinity. 

We used blue to create a feeling of a masculine space. Darker blues can create a serious and authoritative tone, while lighter blues can evoke a sense of calm and comfort. By incorporating blue into the design, we hoped to create a space create a space that feels grounded, reliable, and masculine.

Behind the Scenes

Production Designer    Anastasiya Mykhaylova
Assistant Art Director    Federico Trezzi

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